Why ATP?

Who we are. Established in 1992, the Association of Test Publishers is a nonprofit trade association representing providers of testing and assessment products and services related to certification, education, occupational, clinical and workforce skills. The ATP's mission is to promote high standards and best practices, foster innovation and research, provide networking opportunities, and serve as the collective and intelligent voice for testing.

When you join the ATP you send a powerful statement to your clients and customers. ATP members are committed to promote and advance the integrity of assessment services and products and their value to society; and dedicated to the highest level of professionalism and business ethics.

When you get involved with the ATP you get involved with leaders. Five Practice Area Divisions + four Standing Committees and Special Interest Groups + three Regional Divisions + two Conference Committees = a myriad of opportunities for you to become involved with the many like-minded professional colleagues that are leading the ATP into the future.

When you support the ATP, you support an organization that is supporting your growth as a professional, as well as the growth of your industry. The ATP provides networking opportunities through conferences and meetings in four global regions; leadership opportunities among many committees and groups; publishing and presenting opportunities through its journal and conferences; learning opportunities through content sessions, keynotes, and workshops.

ATP is a watchdog. ATP members have a voice in the U.S. Congress, State legislatures, US and state regulatory bodies, and US courts, the European Union, and the International test publishing community. When you join the ATP as a member you support an organization that is looking out for your industry and responding to fake news and uninformed information about tests that appears online or in the media.

Join today and support the organization that is supporting you